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Is Wintertusk worth it?

Nov 05, 2011
I've been working through GH and I've been wondering, is Wintertusk worth the effort? 'Cause the main reason for it is for the level 58 pets but I don't know if I'm ready to force myself through a hard area JUST to get one pet.

So I guess what I'm asking is, what's the main reason people go through Wintertusk?

Jasmine IceBringer
Grandmaster Sorceress

Jan 24, 2010
IKL626 wrote:
So I guess what I'm asking is, what's the main reason people go through Wintertusk?

Jasmine IceBringer Grandmaster Sorceress

Hi Jasmine,

I think Wintertusk is worth every minute of time spent there :)

Wintertusk is aesthetically beautiful; the scenery is gorgeous, the creatures are well drawn, and the story line is intricate. Questing in Wintertusk is an adventure that satisfies the curiosity of Grizzleheim enthusiasts AND wizards who have always wondered about Bartleby's partner in creating the Great Spiral.

The gear drops in Wintertusk are exceptional in terms of stat options and gold value. A wizard can quickly become powerful and wealthy from the very beginning of Wintertusk. An added bonus is that battles are challenging enough to help a wizard stretch her/his skill and strategies. The boss fights ARE tough, and they are correspondingly gratifying, especially when fought with a great team 8)

An hour of questing in any area of Wintertusk yields great wealth for the crafter, gardener, and farmer. Common and rare reagents are plentiful, too, which makes Wintertusk a good place to start on those crafting quests requiring scrap iron, ore, and black lotus.

An option for how to progress from levels 45-60 is another benefit of questing in Wintertusk. For wizards such as myself who have 6+ active wizards, moving from Mooshu to Dragonspyre to Celestia to Zafaria gets to be a grind due to sheer repetition. Grizzleheim and Wintertusk offer interesting new ways to level up, which changes the experiences with other high level worlds. For example, my Necromancer started Wintertusk and Dragonspyre at level 46, and entered Celestia at level 55'ish. Let me tell you, Celestia was FUN at that level. Moira started Zafaria at level 63 and is now level 66 in the Savannah. (Only drawback to this: I have to ask people to take me to where ever I need to go for new spells due to level/story line issues. But that's not a big problem for me :) )

Spells and pets are so gratifying to gain in challenging quests and battles, and Wintertusk offers both. The spells for all schools are powerful, and the level 58 pets are outstanding. My Judgement pet, Stella, gives Spritely :) My Phoenix pet, Belle, gives Fire Shields. I'm too lazy to train the others at the moment, but they are all pretty and somewhat funny.

Wintertusk is just plain fun, on top of all the other advantages. I love the giants, their riddles and deceptions, and the pleasure of fighting all of them at the end of the story.

I have to say, there's nothing I don't like about Wintertusk. I have completed it with 4 wizards, and look forward to adventures 5 and 6.

Hope you find yourself taking a little scenic detour in the near future,

Qbb/Iridian/Scarlet/Moira/Rowan, Wintertusk Explorers, Heroes of Grizzleheim, children of Grandmother Raven

Apr 10, 2010

I managed to level up six of my grandmasters to legendary in WT. Do I think its worth it? Oh yes! This is even discounting getting our level 58 school pets.

Nov 26, 2011
Yes, it gives tons of xp. Plus a lvl 55 spell and 58 pet. That is how i became lvl 48 on my fire.

Mar 23, 2011
It's worth it all right. Missions in Wintertusk are worth a lot of XP. And you need to get through it to get your level 55 spell, and your pet.

Nicholas Spellcaster LVL 70 Theurgist
Nicholas Stormcaller LVL 47 Diviner

May 31, 2011
It was worth it for me for several reasons. I loved my level 58 pet, the gold and experience earned. I picked up some excellent gear to keep and use and to sell. I, also, enjoyed the storyline, graphics, and music.

I did do a lot of it with family and friends.

Nov 11, 2010
Professor Greyrose wrote:
That all depends on you - do you also want your level 35 and level 55 school specific spells?

I really reckon GH is worth the effort unless you are seriously weak and die every time you try a battle. If you are weak, i would advise either finding someone who is a high level and make sure that they will do questing periods, otherwise, dont bother and just do the main quest line.
Blaze Dragon whisper Lvl 64 Pyromancer
P.S. I am this level and still havent done it ...
\m/ >.< \m/

Aug 12, 2011
Oct 24, 2010
The spells aside (most are really not worth the trouble), the pets are awesome and Wintertusk offers challenges (especially if you are an Ice wizard) and incredible XP. The drops aren't as frequent, but are great as well.

All in all, it's worth it. I did, however, wait until level 60 to attempt to solo it.

Feb 29, 2012
Wintertusk was well worth it.
For me, it was a rude awakening that this game can still be difficult.
Oh, and I also received my first critical hit there.

Oct 22, 2011
Wintertusk is graphically stunning to say the least, let alone the beginning of tougher challenges in battles.

The gear is worth it, along with leveling up fast, and being able to get what you need for Celestia challenges.

If you're an Ice wizard (which is my second wizard to hit Wintertusk), it's difficult. In this instance, I switch to my second school (Death), and change to appropriate gear and switch decks to make it a bit easier.

Enjoy it. Enjoy the scenery. Enjoy the battles.

If it gets too much, just go to another world you're working on for a bit and come back to Wintertusk.


Jul 06, 2011
Jul 08, 2011
I didnt do it for the pets but i did it so that i can farm halfang.

Kevin deaththorn level 71 storm

Dec 31, 2011
I was level 53 when i first started wintertusk and I am now level 58 in just two days! Wintertusk is way over worth it some quest will give you up too 16000 and easy quest will give you up to 2000 - 12000. So I would spend as much time as you can into Wintertusk.

Level 58 Ice Wizard

Sep 18, 2009
Grizzleheim is low exp and low quality drops. It can feel like you are slogging through it for no good reason, but it is worth it to get to Wintertusk. High gold, high exp, some great amulets, and the best gear you can get outside of WW if you are a grandmaster Artisan. Better hats than WW in my opinion since they give a stackable blade with comparable stats.
You can really level up fast, I love the humor of the Triton's sons ( "I thought we sprayed for Wizards?" LOL), and as mentioned, lots of reagents lying around. You also get to meet the narrator. :)
So even if you don't get the level 58 pet, it is a far more rewarding world than Grizzleheim and worth the time. And you can just do a quest or 2 when you want a break from the other worlds. No time line or deadline to get it done, so it can be used as a distraction when another world has you frustrated.

Nov 05, 2011
Thanks guys for all the positive replies :)

As a matter of fact, I've already finished Wintertusk and I LOVED it So much XP?!?!

I hope this topic helps other players make the choice whether to go through Wintertusk or not :)

Jasmine IceBringer

Jan 12, 2012
Wintertusk is me and my friends favorite world and alot of the stuff there sells big at the bazaar also its snowing there wich is awsome

May 15, 2010
Wintertusk is much worth the effort in my honest opinion. I zoomed through it in a day or so. I was a Grandmaster wizard when I entered. It is about three days later that I have my full waterworks set. I find the storyline to be very interesting too.

The storyline is an amazing feature. It practically just started in Ravenscar. The idea of an entire world being frozen over in ice is genius. You must quest your way through this world to stop the Everwinter. It can be a bit challenging, though.

You get lots of XP for this, trust me. And lets not forget about the farming. This place has the best farming in the game. Up until the waterworks i wore this. Try farming Erling the unready a lot. He has a common amulet drop that I find sell at the bazaar for over 9,000!(make that 10,000).