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Grizzleheim or Fizzleheim?

Jul 02, 2009
I believe that Fizzleheim is the appropriate term. On my balance wizard, I got an outfit that bumped my accuracy level 10%. So now, all my balance spells are around 90-95% accurate. It's like that in all worlds. But in Fizzleheim, I fizzle like every five turns! It drives me nuts! I was about to win against a decaying bogwalker with my Judgement spell, but it fizzled! Unexpectedly! So then the walking tree killed me.

Lauren Jadeflower
Level 30
Magus Sorcerer

Oct 11, 2009
DigitalPagan wrote:
Did KI change the way fizzle rates are calculated? Is it just me or have I have noticed a DRAMATIC increase in fizzles when battling in GH?

it ALWAYS fizzles at the worst times. i was soo close to getting the troll goo, and my life was one the line. i had one chance, and ONE chance only, but what does it do? FIZZLE! i just think that fizzle should be gone. and one time my sister fizzled THREE rounds IN A ROW!

May 12, 2010
IamLezul wrote:
Well are some of you fire and storm wizards? Well, they have low fizzle chance so they fizzle more often. But i havent really fizzled anymore than i do already.

Kestrel Ghostwalker~ lvl 44(pretty much) master sorcerer

P.s these are the % of fizzle chance for all schools:

Life: 90% (highest chance of not fizzling)
Balance: 85%
Myth: 85%
Death: either 80 or 85%
Ice: 80%
fire: 75%
storm: 70% (lowest chance of not fizzling)

Since I am a life wizard I dont see much fizzle diffrence in grizzleheim then in any other world

May 30, 2010
Swim2sea wrote:
The fizzle rate has killed me way too many times. I didn't fizzle this much since I was in Wizard City. I think they have different fizzle rates for different worlds.

I do not agree evey battle i do my storm spells always fizzle

Jul 21, 2010
ifuseekamy wrote:
Well. IDK what's wrong with it, but I'm experiencing the same thing. along with the troubled warriors and grendals living after being defeated. I can only get my 100% spells out and a few of the other ones. IDK Whats up, but I hope KI will fix it! :D

Courtney StarHeart LVL 21 Balance/Myth

maybe you just forgot to equip your ACTUAL deck...lol

Jul 25, 2010
I have also noticed that the things you defeat in grizzleheim come back to lfe when i tried to beat shellek he had 65 health left and i had 189 left a minor shock killed him and he came back and killed me