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list of what each plant gives

Jan 28, 2010
Has anyone assembled a list of what each plant gives? I don't want to go to all the effort if someone else has done, or is doing this already, I'd much rather contribute

That type of information is considered a spoiler and as per our Message Board Code of Conduct spoilers are not allowed.

This type of information is part and parcel of our fansites, so you may want to check there for this type of information:

Sep 11, 2010
Professor Greyrose please accept my humblest apology. I have evidently been posting "spoilers" for weeks, but I did not know KI considered my posts of reagent locations, plant harvests, known treasure card drops, etc. etc. as violations of the Code of Conduct.

I will behave better in the future.

I am curious though.

If this thread requests "spoilers" - and is in violation of the Code of Conduct - why did you not close it?

Most of us do not mind obeying the "rules", but we DO need to know what the rules are.

Leaving this thread open, not to mention the HUNDREDS of threads documenting other "drops" all over the Spiral, does not make sense IF they violate the Message Board Code of Conduct. How can listing reagent harvest spots and which mobs drop certain Treasure Cards NOT be "spoilers" IF listing plant drops is not allowed?

AND, my word, there are THOUSANDS of posts on this forum that describe in detail how to solve every boss problem in the game!

KI does not consider THESE spoilers?

I do not access forums until I finish the game being played - because - of spoilers. Ruins the game for me. But this is the first time I have ever heard ANYONE say that listing an NPC drop is a "spoiler".