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0 xp from my gardens

Mar 08, 2009
ok so one day i went to do my gardens and i had taken care of all there needs and everything i starting to pick all the ready ones and i had seen i was not getting my 20 xp from my prickly bears i said o well and went on so a few days later i was doing my gardens and i seen i was not getting any xp so i said to my mom i have not been getting my xp from my plants as she was doing her gardens she grows prickly bears to not stacked the same as mine there not stacked and she was not getting her xp i started to think maybe it had been changed or something and we went on with our day then later on in the week i was doing my gardens and my backpack had filled so i went to trade some seeds to one of my other wizards i come back out side my house and started to take care of the rest of my garden and wow i was getting xp now so today as i was doing my gardens i was not getting my xp and i went inside my house and then went back out side and i went to my bears and i was now getting my xp i dont really do my gardens for the xp but the food and gold but i am sure there are a lot that do and if others was having this problem here is a cool easy way i found to fix it

Feb 24, 2009
It's a bug.
At rank 11+, the EXP does not show. You are still getting it, but it does not show.