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Certain Fish Rarity.

May 09, 2010
I just want to get this off my chest, and I don't expect any actual changes, because Kingsisle doesn't exactly listen to complaints very often, but I wanted to say that the rarity of some fish are outrageous.
For example, The Hammerhead Shark, In the Emperors Retreat. I have gone looking for that fish so many times that i lost track. Duelist101 claims that the fish is balance, found in the emperors retreat, but i'm starting to doubt if it's even a balance fish, let alone in The Emperors retreat. The stress of casting a line in, and practically praying for the hammerhead shark is bad. Obviously. Of all the balance fish i have caught in the emperors retreat, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM HAS BEEN A MAINSTREAM DEKOI!!! No cudas, obviously not a hammerhead shark yet: Every, dang, one......has been a dekoi. It's so frustrating that my energy is consumed over catching an all around useless fish. I understand fishing takes patience, but this is seemingly impossible to get. If anyone has any tips or whatever, i'm all ears.

Blaze Stormmancer.