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butterfly shrimp

Dec 20, 2014
I am having a heck of a time trying to get the Butterfly Shrimp in the Last Wood in Khrysalis. It is listed as a common fish in Wizards 101 Wiki Fish Locator. Final Bastion's Khrysalis fishing guide lists it as uncommon. I am catching several Purple Grunion which are epic so the Butterfly Shrimp should be easier. There is a storm level 3 fish that keeps snapping the line perhaps it is a snapping shrimp. LOL I have fished over an hour on this energy fishing weekend(thank you for that). This is as bad as that ecto slime skate in Zafaria which was an epic fish. Perhaps there is another location to fish in the Last Woods that I missed as when I don't see anymore fish in the pond by the waterfall by Reverence Cave and use reveal fish, the usual sign" no fish affected" doesn't show. Is there a fish in a cave??

May 31, 2009
Two things here....

1. There are TWO ponds in Last Woods - the main pond and a smaller one around the corner. You need to take a teleporter to get there.

2. There is something horribly glitched with this fish - it's not just you. On this thread - https://www.wizard101.com/forum/fishing/khrysalis-fishing-8ad6a42571a0edd50171a9ea096b284b?page=1 - I experienced the exact same thing. When writing that post I had failed to catch the shimp 28 times in a row but it got worse - I finally caught it after 57 got away - 57!!! This despite the fact that

1. My base fishing luck with gear is 55%
2. But, almost all of my attempts I had at least 80% luck with a Minor Fishing Luck elixir
3. On at last 15 attempts I had 105% fishing luck thanks to a Major Fishing luck elixir
4. At the time I had caught over 12,000 fish according to my tome. I wasn't a noob!

So frustrating! I even opened up a ticket with Support only to be told that "There is no guarantee that you will be able to catch a certain fish. Unfortunately the best we can recommend is to keep trying."

Really? What, pray tell, are the odds that someone with over 12000 fish can fail with 105% luck? Explain the math on that!


Good luck on this - I hope you have more luck than I had.


Dec 20, 2014
Thanks Caspeen! I read all your posts about this fish. I will look for the second pond even though I thought I had searched for another pond . I too was dressed in fishing gear with the correct lure, fishing potions etc and the line kept snapping. I didn't count how many times but it was well over 25 times. I have caught 5108 fish and am a transcendent angler so it's not my fishing skills. Good to know I'm not the only one having difficulty trying to catch this fish. Must be a glitch!! Please fix KI.