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No quests after Grand Chasm

Jul 01, 2009
The last quest I completed was locating and hiding the Key in the tower. There was a boss in there that I defeated then shortly after that I had to talk to Zelen Battlehorn. After talking to him I got some XP and that was that. No more follow on quests or anything at all. I am stuck have no more quests. Belia Windgazer and Edrik Scattergrow have no quests for me. In the area behind Edrik I have Gems that are lit up in Yellow. Both are on the right hand side one upper floor second Gem and other located on bottom right hand floor last one all the way at the end.

When I click on Edrik Scatterglow he states:
This seems to chance direction whenever I introduce a foreign charge. Hmm... what does that mean?

When I click on Belia Windgazer she states:
I'm still looking for those requisition forms. There's been an emergency and the paperwork wasn't filed correctly.

Anyone have any ideas? Any help will greatly be appreciated!

Aug 09, 2009
Sorry about your problem, I am going on memory with this one but it sounds like you need to locate and charge the crystal in Edriks vault on the bottom right side. If that is the vault then it is pretty long so make sure you have help or are just that good at solo work. Hope this helps.

Jul 19, 2009
i have the same problem and cant get any more quests either so frustrating
has anybody figured out how to get unstuck so i can move further