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Need help in the Malistaire Dungeon!

Jul 25, 2012
Okay, so i don't live in where most of the the players live and so when i'm playing most of u are asleep! Thats why I do most of my dungeons solo. Every now and then I meet people that are doing the same quest as me but I find the higher I go in the game, the less chance I'll come across people doing the same quest Im doing, especially since so less people are online at the same time that I am! So when i came across this dungeon, I was going to solo it (like usual) when I came across it online and found out that it was impossible. Thats why im asking whether anyone could help me with this dungeon. Appreciate the help if anyones willing to.

Melissa Summersong lvl 48 balance

Aug 23, 2009
If you want to set up a meet up I'm willing to help. I play at varied times so typical sleep schedule doesn't apply. I'm most available on weekends but can work out something during the week if needed. I'm in CST USA.

Jul 25, 2012
Thats okay

I appreciate the help but for some strange reason when i logged on today there was somebody already standing there and we did the dungeon together!

Thanks for the offer though

Feb 04, 2011
well most of these are posted in the past but i don't care well now in 2014 you can team up just saying by the way keep teaming up for dungeons the team up thing is really useful