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Mavra Flamewing is TOO HARD!

Feb 23, 2010
charlez0923 wrote:
wow. a couple weeks ago i defeated mavra flamewing with help from friends. The ONLY strategy is to stop the defense pox. it took me ( level 46 fire ) and a friend only about 30 minutes to defeat her. its really not that hard.

hope this helps!
Charles Shadowflame level 46 pyromancer

Normally I'd agree with you, but the player asking for help is a balance wizard. In this case, Balance wizards should take the exact opposite approach. Ignore the pox at first. They're balance too, and will take longer to kill because of it. The good news is that the only shields that will protect Marva from Judgment are the tower shields, and only one tower shield will activate for each hit. So, simply build up a Judgment spell. Boost it as much as possible (having Feint makes this battle ridiculously easy for a balance wizard) and let your pips fill up. Make sure to keep shielding yourself as she is a storm boss and can do some serious damage to you. Once all of your pip slots are full (with a fair amount of them being power pips hopefully) let her have it. If you have a Feint down along with the normal balance boosts, then you stand a good chance of taking her out with a single hit. If not, hit her with a second Judgment attack. When figuring out how much you have to build up your second Judgment spell, just remember to cut the damage in half if she has a tower shield up still. After that, simply take out the pox at your leisure since they can't attack you.

Mar 27, 2010
she's not hard at all, she's acualy one of the easyist bosses for me. and if anybody wants to defeat her, you should go with at least one friend.

Hunter Wild Horn
lvl 44 pyromancer
See you in DS :D

Dec 21, 2009
ahem. dude you can do it. I believe i soloed her at lvl 43. haha if I can do it, literally ANYONE can

Taryn Dragonsong
Legendary Sorcerer

Dec 21, 2009
trose318 wrote:
I have the quest to defeat Mavra Flamewing and it is TOO HARD! It took me OVER 2 HOURS and I LOST because I had used all 189 Mana so I could only use 0 rank spells... until I ran out. She kept using the same spells over and over again and never ran out. CPU players should also run out of cards to make it fair for us human players.

I also think there should be no battle timer (the 30 seconds you get for choosing a card) if there is only 1 human player in a battle. Will someone tell me WHY the timer is there when there is only 1 human player?

And will someone tell me what a good way to defeat Mavra Flamewing is?

Kevin DragonBlade lvl. 42

Yeah, from a fellow Balance, this boss will come pretty close to beating us up. I suggest bringing in like a Death or Ice friend to help you out. :-D
Good luck beating her

Taryn Dragonsong
Legendary Sorcerer

Jun 25, 2010
Dec 16, 2010
the secret to this boss is when you go in mark your location than defeat one of the protection pocs than flee port back and only one of the protection pocs will be there than mark location again and defeat the other protection poc than flee go back and it will only be mavra. Hope this helps! p.s. it helps if you have potions with you. :D

Nicole darksong lvl 46 death

Apr 30, 2010
I did her at least 3 or 4 times. Maybe more. The last time I did her was because my son had to conquer her. He had an earthquake treasure card that I told him to save because of this boss. We went in and a friend joined the battle. He earthquaked, killed her, and my friend hit them with either a dragon or eefreet. That killed them.

May 22, 2009
I just finished that quest
I'm balance and personally, it's better to take out Marva first then focus on pox
Cause then you have nobody to attack you
It isn't really that hard as much as it is annoying

Feb 23, 2011
I worked with two other fire people, since i am myth

i went in first and used earthquake to get rid of all the shields, then directly after the two fire people used meteor strike to lower their health. I got rid of most of my cards and replaced them with myth blades and earthquakes for that fight.