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Is it just me? (Sylvia Drake's Tomb)

Mar 03, 2009
Ok, I know that Dean Darkflame's Raiment of Ruin has an extra power pip percentage added than Sylvia Drake's Funeral Drape, but I'm determined to get the Drape before I continue, as the rest of my planned 45+ gear is in the Drake Hatchery.

Now, into the problem. Being that I'm farming the tomb, I get to experience the same 5 battles over and over again. But that still doesn't prevent me from encountering a new little twist here and there from the four levels of regular opponents. Perhaps the frustrations of how many times I've already ran the tomb to no avail are getting to me, but it seems that the mobs on the way down will periodically change up their strategy, albeit slightly. For instance, it wasn't until recently that the Bone Warriors would almost always use their spectral shield on the first or second turn, but now don't seem to do so as much. I was also amazed later on to see a Beghastion Fieldburner use a Lava Colossus on me. I understand that these aren't all together unusual to see change here and there, but it just surprises me after so long to see something different.