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grandmaster life items

Jun 20, 2009
i try beating this boss for my grandlife hat like 20 times all i get are balance items. what is this give me my hat. ths boss is kraysys i know he give that hat because my friend keep getting it
:-( :-( :-( :-(

Jul 04, 2009
I know what you. My Balance wizard keeps getting Ice stuff (a school I will never play). I have a hunch (seems like it anyways) that if you want a grandmaster item for one school, use another school wizard to get it. You'll most likely to do so that way.

Jul 06, 2008
hello, i have also attempted for life hat, but if i dont do on life i would have to do on ice, tried and that not to easy, and your right about ice, it not so good. anyway i hope this list helps
Hat: you know where and all that
Robe: Malistaire's Purgatory Coat ( not sure if it coat or robe )
Shoes: Victor Snowcrusher: i do not know name of shoes
Wand: Valeska RedWind in secure house in drake hatchery, it is called
RedWinds ViridianBlade, does 100 life damage ( i so want it! )
Ring: fire gurtok in malistaire dungeon
Athame: Ice gurtok in malistaire dungeon
Amulet: I got mine at bazaar but it gives dryad but instead of 200 per pip this one does 225 per pip.
Pet: of course satyr, you get it after you complete rebirth task ( my satyr's name is Mister Piper, since he has that little flute thing lol )
Well, i hope this helped, P.S. if anyone can give tips or help me get viridian blade plz let me know, thx!

Michael LifeLeaf lvl49 Life ( almost 50 )