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book Quest bugged?

Jun 07, 2010
I was wondering this for a dsy or two now now. I could never find the books for this quest, I am not sure if it is unlocked for me yet at level 46 or not. An Example is one of the bosses I had to fight was a Cyclops one( general something, maybe Greyskull was his last name, I forget) Well when I had a quest to kill him, which I did. There was a book in his room.

It was not the Dragonspyre book, it just said in White text, " Book on Pedistal" So I thought nothing of it, then I decided to go back in there later and Kill him again, and the Book in his chamber still said, "Book on Pedistal" I went to the Pedistal to see if I was able to activate it, and nothing.

Is this quest Bugged or not unlocked for me yet even though I had a quest to kill this guy which I did twice already?

May 20, 2010
If you mean General Greystone, you need that book.

Did you talk to Milos Bookwyrm in the Atheneum and get the quest "The Secret History"? You need to do that first before you can start collecting the books.