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Yachi's Snack Recipes in Celestia

May 31, 2010

I noticed tonight that Yachi's level 5 snack recipes have been added to Clarence Cavendish's (Celestia) inventory of level 5 snacks. I always like having new things to craft , but the cost to craft all of Yachi's recipes have been increased , now some of the level 6 snacks are cheaper to craft than those level 5. Each of Yachi's recipes now require two treasure cards to craft , and the last reagent on the list was doubled.

For example
Level 6 , Ambrose cereal - Troll Tc -1, Glass vial-1, Shadow oil -3 .
Cost to craft , 435 gold.

Level 5, French Fries , Troll TC -2 , Glass vial-1, Amethyst-5
Cost to craft 700 gold.

I keep a list of all the crafted snacks and well everything crafted in the game, and the new cost of level 5 snacks just doesn't seem in balance now with the rest of the snack recipes.

Hoping other crafters out there will send an email to KI asking them to put the cost of Yachi's snack recipes back to the original ingredient list.