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Where are the best recipes

Jul 08, 2010
What zones are the best recipes located in? I just can't seem to remember.

Dec 05, 2010
These are the ones I know of:

Ore, Mandrakes= Firecat Alley
Mistwood= Unicorn Way, Ravenwood, etc.
Cat Tails= Anywhere in the water
Deep Mushroom= Dark Cave
Ectoplasm= Ghostly areas
Stone Blocks= Chamber of Fire [ I don't think that is the correct name]

I hope this helps! If you go to Mooshu, the Cat Tails are everywhere!

Jul 08, 2010
I am talking about the best recipes for:

robe, hat, shoes, necklace, ring, wand, deck

Apr 02, 2010
The LOCATION of the best recipes?

In my opinion, all in Celestia,

In the Grotto, I believe its Level 55 hats.
In the Science Center, I believe its Level 55 coats
On the plateau in Stormriven, Level 55 boots
In the Crustacean Empire, some crab, Level 58 athame and ring
In Base Camp, a few recipes like an amulet that gives one stacking Ice Blade card.

In my opinion, all the other craftable gear, by the time you can craft it, there's better gear available at the Bazaar.

I believe there is a a ring or athame available from the lady near the Bazaar that gives power pips, that's not bad for level say 6 to 10. It might be good if you are low level PvP and want to STAY low level, but for PvE, just save your gold until you get to level 15.

And in my opinion, Grizzleheim Northguard, because that is where you get the recipe for Watchtower Hall. Might get some disagreements on that one.

Oh and one more. I can't tell you where, because recipes disappear from the vendor after you buy them, but its the recipes for cereal pet snacks, I think its on Dragyonsypre in the Antheneum. Your pet will "Love" the snack from its school. Get a "4" on a pet game, and "8" from the snack, or a total of 12. That means you only ( :-) ) need to do 84 passes through the maze game to go from Ancient to Epic.

Oh good grief, another. Mortis, the Death Tree, in Nightside, has the recipe for treasure card version of Feint. Very useful, but only Death can purchase it.