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Transmute Amber Recipe

Jan 23, 2009
darthjt wrote:
I am not sure what KI is thinking on this move, but we need to have patience. KI is not great when it comes to math, this is quite obvious.

We should all let our voices be heard, but give KI time to fix their errors, because I can't see KI going through all the trouble of making spells, items, and reagents and not wanting us to have them. That is just foolish and I don't think KI is foolish enough to let a lot of their players go, because of this.

you know darth (old friend) I have no idea what they were thinking either but I hope you are right. Normally they are decent about their mistakes but i have this awful feeling that they are going in a different direction.

Time will tell, but it will be sad because I will leave if they dont start thinking about the customers.