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Reagents where to find them

Jan 23, 2011
While you probably prefer to find reagents, they are kind of rare in krokotopia. I suggest going to the bazaar in old town and buying them. Just a suggestion though because the prices may seem to high for the amount of gold you have. Good luck! :)

Jan 10, 2011
You can always find regeants in the Bazaar if you're stuck, it's kinds expensive though, depending on how many you're planning to buy

Feb 04, 2011
thanks but, can you huys tell ALL of the areas for the mist wood because i need some
:( :D

Dec 14, 2010
AHHH!!! ok, KI. you REAALLLLYYYYY messed up crafting. i am a grandmaster storm (yay!) and i got bored of celestia after a while so i started crafting. and after 5-10 minutes i got bored. i am up to the knives in Krokotopia and the thing for finding blocks and the scrap iron in mb is SO ANNOYING!!!!!! srsly KI/proffesors please reply back and tell us why we have to get 80 of something that is practically impossible to find ?? and can you make it easier??

Daniel GhostBlood, 52 Grandmaster Diviner!

Apr 28, 2010
I am completely stuck on finding scrap iron I just need 22 more for mb crafting quest and then ill be on my way to making a female mannequin I always wanted one. :-) pretty much the only place to find scrap iron is in the fighting areas in mb and I only find about 1 or 2 a day, 3 if I'm lucky. I wish the bazaar would sell them though.

Feb 15, 2009
Well, I know the following things:

Cattails: Grizzleheim, in the NorthGuard, along the river.

Blood Moss: Fairly common when harvesting Pink Dandelions

Scrap Metal: MarleyBone, in the NewGate Prison, at the end/near the O' Leary Brutes.

Stone Blocks: (actually fairly common) Grizzleheim, in Ravenscar, inside the cave/along the walls

Shells: (This isn't the best, but I know of two spawns) Celestia, in the Survey Camp, close to the entrance

Deep Mushrooms: Almost anywhere, I'd search around in Mooshu

Red Mandrake: Definetely the Sunken City, there are at least 5 spawns throughout there.

Mist Wood: The Bazaar is always in great stock with them, and it isn't expensive, but if you don't wish to spend, Unicorn Way is the way to go.

Spring: (I know these aren't need often) Fairly common when harvesting dandelions

Ectoplasm: Sorry guys, don't know spawning locations, but I do know some bosses in MarleyBone drop it. Like Smoker... I also know that the Bazaar is full of them most of the time...

Black Lotus: Mooshu, Tatakai Outpost, near Lili Ma

Ok, I hope this helped some of you with becoming a GM Artisan!

Ian FrostBreeze
Ice/Storm/Moon Wizard
Legendary Thaumaturge

Oct 17, 2010
steveheffner wrote:
csillver wrote:
I just hope the items crafted dont wack out game balance for those of us who are casual...

Trust me no one is doing the crafting for the equipment, the equipment is a word that I doubt the boards will let me post and that is being polite. The only reason really to do crafting would be a) treasured cards (yea right not really i can buy a tough card for less gold and take no time to make them versus crafting OH MY), b) funiture. Since I seriously doubt funiture is over powered ! lol I don't think you are missing anything if you do or don't do this. Also the recipies cost an arm and a leg at some levels just to make the funiture. Seriously this is out of balance for the time/reward aspect. I wish KI would listen to the comm unity not only on test but live. /sigh
i so agree but in cl ya can get great gear

Jun 19, 2010
A+ Student
Jan 05, 2009
cierrathebest2000 wrote:
where is all of the scrap iron reagents at?

It depends on when you are searching...
At times when there is a low player population, scattered behind things.
At times of high player population, in other's backpacks.

Rule number one, always hunt when there is low player population.
Rule two, pick a path with at least 3 drop sites you can cover in a minute. Check all the sites, change realms, repeat.

Most of the 'end of street' bosses have a pile hidden in the area around their door.

There seems to be one dead end on every street where there are several spawn sites. The most well know is the first right in Chelsea, where there are three scrap iron spawn sites.

You can enter thetwo clocktowers and farm there.

Go to Wizard 101 Central (see community portal tab to the left for the link) for a cheat on where the reagents are spawned.

Note: You can also raise plants to get....again, see the plant cheats on wizard 101 central.

Jan 26, 2010
OK. This is all very helpful, but i need to know where or how to get sun stones. I hope this is considered relevant to the question. :? :?

Now, for the important part, the location of scrap irons is known to me, and i will share it with you.
In step form. 8)
1. Enter the Royal Museum in Marleybone
2. Enter one of the counterweights, East or West. I have better luck on the one on the right when you walk in.
3. Take all reagents in the room.
4. Walk out

Repeat steps 2-4 as necessary, and switch counterweights periodically, if it floats your boat.

Jan 13, 2011
Flopinator wrote:
I post this 1 day into this expansion, but im seeing its hard to find many reagents. Im on the kroc part of the reagent quests and can't find any scrolls, i found a few stone blocks, but it takes forever.

If anyone knows of good places for different reagents please post them here.

Mist wood - I went to mooshu, keep in mind they are still hard to find. It just seems like to many people are in Wizard City to find any reagents at all.

Stone Block - Kroc in the middle of hallways, not on the sides

Ore - Kroc again. Seems like the best spots are at the end of hallways where an instance/dungeon would be.

Deep mushroom - Mooshu. on the sides of roads

Catails - Mooshu. Near water

Black lotus - Mooshu. on the sides of roads

i only did this for about 2 hours but i can tell its going to take a LONG time to get thru all of the reagent badges. any help here would be great.

Deep Mushroom; Cyclops lane and mooshu Lava Lily: Dragonspyre Red Mandrake: Firecat alley Ore:triton avenue and krokotopia Stone block: Krokotopia
Noah Dragonheart
Adept Pyromancer
lvl 23

Nov 11, 2009
This is probably a mistake BUT:

To find Black Lotus go to Mooshu.
Walk into the big open grassy area.
Check behind the first big bell on your left. (You can check behind the others, too. I haven't been to Mooshu for a while.)

{HINT: Try switching to a less crowded realm first.}

Myrna Windgem, Sorcerer

Sep 06, 2010
Pretty much you can find nubers of reagents in different area's so there is no specific place to find them. If you don't find what you need check out the Bazzar more often.

Sep 06, 2010
100cake wrote:
Can anyone help me find some mistwood?

Kane Hexmender Level 14 Krokotopia

Mist wood is basiclly found in Wizard City, Marleybone, and Mooshu. It's very easy to find really. If you can't find any just buy some from the Bazzar' it's very cheap.

Jul 14, 2010
Jaquline Sparklehaven level 60 Ice
Does anyone know of of great place to get diamonds?

Jan 02, 2011
Most farmers might hate me for this

Scrap Iron- You can find them in Big Ben easily, also if you cannot go to Big Ben then you can go to Chelsea Court, and make the first right, and go straight. When you go straight there will be no more room to walk more straight, the left and right sides will have either, scrap iron, mist wood, stone blocks, and sometimes wooden or silver chest. Chelsea Court is not the best place for the Scrap Iron but oh well gets the work done.

Cattails- Found a ton in Moo Shu and also got a lot of water lilies.

Ores/Diamonds: Moo Shu yet again, but I really gotta say diamonds are rare took me around 143 ores just to get around 10 diamonds or so.

Black Lotus: Moo Shu and as some people say at the end of roads or behind wooden carts. But for this one I just made by own Lotus since I was so tired from looking for them

Ectoplasm: Infected Villagers in Moo Shu and most Ghost creatures drop these.

Hope this helps

Mar 28, 2009
Scrap Iron is only found in marleybone and celestia you can mostly find it in the counter weights and Big ben. Only rarely you will find it anywere else in marleybone/celestia and the same with mistwood only that it is found in all the worlds it can be found a lot in the counter weights. That is for people having hard times finding scrap iron, it can be really ANNOYING sometimes. Black lotus can be found a lot in dead ends were bosses are and its only found in mooshu. One of the best places to find it is the Cave of Solitude and dungeons. And if you like plants you can farm some black pearls from silver trumpet vines, and some elemental+spirit shields from them (but that's a different story).

Hope this helps :-)

Jan 22, 2011
if you are really stuck, buy them at bazaar. just a heads up, stone blocks are usually all out, but i always see them in the palace of fire. but yeah, mooshu has a lot of lotuses, dragonspyre has lots of lava lilies (go to the atheneum), and celestia has lots of shells.

but, to be honest, i dont think crafting is that great of a skill to learn, maybe at level 60, but do not waste your time on crafting until, in my opinion, at least level 50 because those celestia quests can get really annoying, or if your sub runs out.

Oct 24, 2009
May 19, 2011
Aug 02, 2009
100cake wrote:
Can anyone help me find some mistwood?

Kane Hexmender Level 14 Krokotopia

Just buy it

Sep 27, 2009
wintermagic wrote:
I agree completely. I was on when there were too many other players looking for reagents earlier today. I couldn't find anything. After 2 hours of looking in WC I gave up. When I logged back on later I ran around WC and found plenty of mist wood and cattails. I have not found any black coal. Does any one know where to find it? I know it is in the bazzar, but it is bought entirely too fast.
You can buy it from any of the reagent vendors near the people who give you crafting quests. You can buy black coal there for a lot less.

Michelle Silverspear, Level 35 Death Wizard :D

Jul 13, 2009
Dragonspyre has a lot of ore (ive gotten diamons!)
In DS academy there is a lot of deep mushroom
MS has black lostus, mist wood, and deep mushroom everywhere
Nightside in WC and sunken city has a ton of red mandrake
There are lava lilies anywhere with lava in DS
Cat tail can be found in reagent square in MB (in the fountain), cyclops lane (WC), and Unicorn way (WC, around the statue)
There is a lot of scrap iron on streets in MB and some in WT
Shells are in crab alley (WC) and CL
Kelp is mostly in crab alley
Stone blocks in KT, KT, and DS
Parchment in KT in the middle of streets
I have found frost flower in that room in GH that leads to hard dungeons (forgot name), WT, and colussus blvd
You can also get reagents from gardening and battles
I hope i helped!

Dec 13, 2010
guys! plz read dis!!!!!!!!! if any of you want that stuff go to a perfect realm and search its how i got to master artsian its easy when you do what i said and ill tell you where to find some stuff.

scrap iron where bosses places are in mb

cattails in water anywhere they are very common

deep mushrooms anywhere thats dark i would say lots are in ms

black loutus i seen in wintertusk in eh i forgot but also in tree of life ms

kelp in somewhere underwater in cl

cya emily rubyblade legendary pyromancer

Jul 25, 2010
scrap iron is really hard to get for me; i only got two so far. Where can i find some?