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Potent trap treasure card

Jan 21, 2010
I have been trying to craft the eagle war shield but I can't find a potent trap treasure card. I have heard that you can get it off curtain bosses in Azteca, but I can't seem to get it. I have tried many times and never got it. Is there another way to get it? Or is there a boss that is for sure to drop it in a few battles? Please someone help me.

Jul 15, 2011
I finished Azteca weeks ago- and have been fighting bosses for the potent trap ever since. I heard Saltwater Marsh is the best place, but also have tried bosses in all the areas. I'm going on 3 weeks of fighting with nothing to show for it.
It really is beyond frusrating at this point. Everyone else I know of had their trap before they finished Azteca, we all quested together. KI- what's with the trap?