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Please help, quest done out of order

Aug 12, 2013
So ive finally gotten a potent tc after a year of struggling, just to make an eagle war shield. I go get my quest, and I skip the dialogue. I run to hurry and make the war shield, only to find out, I was suppose to go to marsh grove and collect reagents before hand. Now ive used my only potent treasure (Which is non auction-able, and non trade-able)
Now I am just wondering how am I ever going to get transcendent crafter now, after all the time trying to get that one card is now for nothing.. Can I just get some pity and have a potent treasure sent to me? That's not likely, but even so, I have no idea what I can do now.

A+ Student
Jan 18, 2010
Well, you can try contacting support about this if it helps.


If not, then I'm afraid we all know what you'll have to do again my friend.

All The Best..

A+ Student
Dec 24, 2009
I'm sorry this happened, but now you've learned a painful lesson: don't be careless and rush through any task. This is a good rule to keep as you go through life.

Since you're going to have to farm for the Potent Trap again, I recommend a boss in the Zocalo, off to the right on a little side street. He's a Myth boss that is relatively easy to defeat with no cheats, only 15,000 health and one minion.


My Storm had struggled all the way through Azteca with no Potent Trap but tried that boss and got one on her second try. I can't say that you'll get one right away, but he's really easy to beat and quickly repeat. Because he's in the Zocalo, you start healing the moment you step outside his door. Plus there are mana wisps floating around.

Another of the posters on this board (Jasmine) strongly encourages people to try the PVP Tournaments. It sounds like Potent Traps and arena tickets drop from those pretty often, even if you lose. Tournaments might be easier and more fun than grinding against a boss half a dozen times.

Alia Misthaven

Dec 31, 2009
They should really fix this so that you do not get the recipe until you go to mangrove marsh, so many many people have made this same mistake!

Sorry, I would suggest just continuing to quest and hope you get another along the way, if you are into pvp do some tournaments they drop as rewards!

Oct 27, 2009
It's been a while since I've done this quest, but I remember gardening to get the TC I needed for the recipe. I think I was farming sour fickle pickles to get it. With gardening it did not take as long as you are describing, not super speedy, but WAY faster than you describe. You can always check the plant info on Central to make sure you grow the plant with the drop you need, and where you can get those seeds.