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New Crafting Item-Special Effects Items

Dec 20, 2009
Special Efect items will be like eye candy to say.You could have a tab to use these items and see what they're affect is.


SkyThorn Vine

Six Ameythest,Six Jade,Four Black Lotus,Seven Nightshade,and 20 Water lilies

When you use the vine it will make Vines go from the ground and Carry you ANYWHERE in the area and Jump over enemies


FireSmoke Stones

Twelve Rubies,thirty Stoneblocks,Four Black Pearls,Six Scrap Iron,and Two Bloodmoss

When you use it the entire area will then be filled with smoke and enemies will not go in the Duel ring when your in front of them since they cant see you.

I hope you guys like my idea! :D :-) :D

Post your own Idea's for Special Effects!

Dec 20, 2009
I got a few more Idea's For Special Effect Items

Apprentice Crafter Level

Power Vortex[LAsts for Five Minutes

Effect-A Giant Vortex apears [Its mainly for Show ]

Four Ametheyst,Five Water Lilies,and Six Simple Vials


SkullBlast[Instant Skulls stay for a few minutes]

Effect-Skulls Fall from the Sky and stay on the Ground Everywhere[Again Show]

Six Onyx,Two Nightshade,and One Ancient Scroll


Royal Krok Guards[Lasts Two Hours]

Effect-Four Karhanan Guards go around you and wont let anyone go past them[The Buff Kroks with the two Sticks]

Sixteen Ametyest,Sixty Bones,Eigth Ancient Scrolls,and Four Nightshade
[This is meant to be so Hard Its Four Krok Guards Following you for Two Hours!]

Also You can make Even More So Even More Kroks Follow!They Also Have Two Comands Spirit Strike[Jump in Air and Release Energy All of them] and
Ghost Typhoon[A bunch of Ghosts Come out of the Ground and Form a Tornado].


Initiate Crafter Level

PotBelly Servant[thrity Minutes]

Effect-A Stoker Like Gearhead follows you arround and has Two Comands Ground Pound and Strike

Twenty Gear's,Six Rubies,Six Ametheyst,Six Onyx,Six Saphires,Five Springs,Ten Scrap Iron

Krok Gun[Ten Minutes]

Effect-Continuos Scorpions Come out of a Portal you make and Follow Around people

Two Ancient Scroll,Ten Citrine,Five Parchment,and Eigth Bronze Gear

Ballroom Dog's[An Hour]

Effect Several Marleybone Ladies and Gentlemen go in a Dancing Circle and Start Dancing

Eighthty Spider Silk,Twinty Rubies,and Sixty Bones

Plz Add more People!