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Making higher level crafted gears better

May 25, 2010
I was just wondering, how different the PvP and PvE would have been...
IFTowerShield and Satyr, were only exclusive to Ice and Life school, respectively.

I think then death or myth would had been, people's, most used secondary schools.
death for wrath and myth for earthquake.

literally, majority of the people have towershield and satyr, with life mastery amulet of course.
these 2 schools have almost eliminated rest of the schools, for secondary.

Lets see how each school has its advantage and disadvantage as secondary:
Storm: best damage; low accuracy and no multi-hit
Ice: Towershield and blizzard; lowest damage and average accuracy
Fire: great damage and meteor; slightly lower than average accuracy
Life: Healing and best accuracy; lowest damage and no multi-hit
Death: Damage & self-healing spells and feint; no multi-hit and average damage
Myth: Frog and Earthquake[specially earthquake]; average accuracy and slightly lower than average damage
balance: [depending on your first school] elemental/spirit blades/traps, reshuffle, sandstorm; average damage and average accuracy
[sorry if i missed out some of the points]

As a storm student, when i see someone having a storm mastery amulet [obviously their secondary is storm] I ask them one question... WHY?
I, myself gets frustrated because i fizzle a lot. even though, my waterworks gear gives me 22% universal accuracy, making it 92%.
even though myth giving 19% universal accuracy [so does fire but their attack is already great], people stopped using their secondary school for attack purpose, the damage is too low. they don't wanna craft celestia gears which boots both the schools because there is no universal resist.
People who trained storm, can only help their storm friends, to attack faster. same with other schools... BUT, life and ice.

So i feel, KingsIsle should do something, to encourage higher lvl students to use their secondary school for attacking purpose[they have already added amulet and that made a huge difference], by adding crafted gears which boost both the schools but also, slightly universal resist too. probably same as Wintertusk crafted gears resist.

All this "your school is so OP" thing will decrease too. we can simply say "you should have crafted better gears" or "you should have trained our school". People call ice OP because of their resist and health, not because of their towershield, because they know, they use it too. [or life for healing because they have satyr too]

So I believe, making crafted gears with slightly universal resist and boosting both schools, would be good.
[I did not take pet resist/accuracy/damage into account]

- Valdus StormBreeze with secondary and third school .