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Krokotopia Crafting Quest Bug

Jul 14, 2009
Ok so I just starting crafting because of bordom of being a legendary . I completed the first crafting quest in wizard city and i now have the quest to craft 2 ring on insights for the Krokopotia crafting quest. I crafting 2 ring of insights as my quest tolf be and i then was told to go back and talk to Wul'yahm the person who gave me the quest, but when i went back to talk to her he just says craft 2 rings of insights and come back when your done. I dont now what to do because i crafting the 2 rings and in my spell book it says to talk to him.

Any suggestions of what i should do?

Dylan Death level 60 Necromancer
Blaze Fire level 60 Pyromancer

It's not enough that you crafted them, you must bring them to Wul'yahm to prove you actually did the work.

The crafted items must be in your backpack (not bank, not equipped) the next time you speek to Wul'yahm and only then will he recognized you've completed the task.