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Is there a recipe for a kitchen stove?

Apr 20, 2011
Hi Everyone,
I recently purchased the red barn house and I'm having a ball decorating it. At the moment I'm concentrating on the room which I've made into the kitchen. The recipe vendor in Grizzlehiem has some great recipes for kitchen shelves etc and I'm currently crafting pots and pans.
What I'm looking for is a kitchen stove or oven. I currently have the rough fireplace which looks out of place.
Does anyone know where I can buy an oven or find a vendor that has a recipe vendor that sells them. I know you can but furniture packs but those items from Avalon etc don't fit in with the country look I'm trying to achieve for my house.
Thanks everyone
Rowan Willowgrove Lvl 59

Nov 12, 2008
Well! There is the open and closed furnace that you could use to sort of make up that. I also might recommend using Fireplaces or the Stone Brick oven from the Bazaar, it might be in the MooShu housing store too.

Personally, I made my Red Barn Farm Zafaria themed and I think my kitchen is the best looking room. I made the fireplace from the pack into the oven to cook things on.

With some rug floating you could put a fire inside the open furnace though, I've seen it done before.

Feb 26, 2012
There is a pot-bellied stove, which you can put a frying-pan on, and the frying pan animation will flip eggs for you. This is not a recipe -- but you can usually find one in the Bazaar. They are also dropping in the Nightmare packs right now.

There is also the Mooshu style oven, which has a fire in it.

Then there are a variety of boiling pots over fires, which again are especially available now during Halloween events.

All of these above are options for making a working kitchen. However there are no recipes or items for actual stove-top ranges that I know of.

Apr 20, 2011
Thank you both for your feedback.
I'm aware of the flipping frypan and have that in the kitchen of my winter wild palace on and it looks great. I'd seen pot belly stoves before but couldn't remember where to find them.
I didn't know the housing shop in Mooshu had stove items.. thank you, given the choice I'd much rather buy than craft ordinary items and craft unusual furniture items. I will check out all your suggestions oh and thank you for the tip about Zafaria housing I had assumed it was all just grass huts and shields etc