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How to use Eloise Merryweather?

Apr 28, 2012
I thought that when you stitched 2 items together you would get the stats of both the items. When I try to stitch 2 items together, I get the look of the first item and the stats of the second. How do I get the stats of items combined?

Eloise's instructions are very clear, young Wizard. She even asks you to confirm the item before you commit.


Please heed these important things to note about this process:
  • Both items will be removed from your backpack and replaced with the new item that will be created with the Appearance and colors of one piece, and the Stats and name of the other, as you specified
  • The name of the item will be transferred from the Stats item, along with the bonuses
  • The bonuses of the appearance item will completely disappear, and be overwritten by the bonuses of the stats item
  • Once the transaction is complete, and you've purchased the item, it cannot be undone!
  • This process costs Crowns

Feb 24, 2009