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grizzlehiem watchtower house

Nov 27, 2010
who thinks w101 should put the grizzlehiem watchtower home to crown shop

Mar 07, 2011
Not me. I spent two to three weeks working hard to craft that house.

Jul 18, 2010
Eh I don't really think so. It's hard but possible. I know some people who spent a lot of the crafting that house ... If they put it in the crown shop now, the people who originally crafted it would feel like they wasted money and time. Same thing with the seraph pet. Before it was so rare but now you can get it from the hydra pack ...

Dec 24, 2009
I do not think it should be for sale in the Crowns Shop. I would like to see it trade-able between my characters.

Nov 27, 2010
May 26, 2013
I spent several weeks crafting the ingredients for grizzlehiem watchtower house and now after crafting all that, I am unable to craft the house itself. House crafting station does not show grizzlehiem watchtower house under castles but my recipe does with all those ingredients. What am I missing?

Each recipe shows you what station you need to use to craft the item. Beside the reagents required is an icon to tell you the Crafting Station needed. Move your mouse over that icon for a text description.

Feb 26, 2012
Nope, do not make it for sale for crowns. Keep it as a crafting house. This was a huge crafting challenge, and a big reward for those of us who took up the challenge. It took me a long time to complete, and was fun all the way. Some rewards are worth working for.

Also, for the person who has the components but can't craft it, listen to the good professor! You have to go to the right crafting station. I can't remember if this one is the Grizzelehim crafting station, which is in the cave in the back of Grizzlehiem main area across the river, or in Dragonspyre station, which is in the crown of DS before the Malistaire dungeon entrance. But the recipe itself tells you which one it is. Good luck and congrats!

Aug 23, 2009
My vote is no. Everyone may not be into crafting but if you want it bad enough then it may be worth it to do it. Also crafted houses are a mark of committed crafting, and my hat off to those who do it.