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Gray question mark won't turn yellow

Oct 15, 2008
I finished crafting two Stinger of the Scorpion athames and two Constellation Jewel rings for the "Craft Services" quest in Marleybone. I was told to talk to Felicia Worthington. So I found her, but the question mark was gray. I tried talking to her, but she told me to go make the two athames and rings even though I had already done that.
Also, the same thing happens with Zeke in DragonSpyre for the "Stone Roses" quest. I accepted the quest, but it didn't show up in my quest book. And when I go to Zeke, there is a gray question mark above his head. When I talk to him about the quest, he just says, "I finally made it to DragonSpyre" or something similar to that, I don't know exactly.

Is there any way to fix these problems?

May 02, 2009
for the crafting quests, not only do you need to craft them, you also need to have them in your bag when you turn in the quest.

As for the the stone roses, when he says "never thought I'd get to see dragonspyre, but whadd'a know, here's I am", that means your not done with his quest in another world. you have to complete zekes quests in order to get the next (i.e. complete wc to get kt, kt to get mb, etc.)