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May 27, 2008
I haven't started on the DragonSpyre quest yet I'm still on the Krokotopia one but I can tell it will be a lot of trouble. 75 Diamonds is just absurd. I mean really! I have been in DragonSpyre since crafting started and I have picked up EVERY REAGENT I'VE SEEN. Which is like 500 ore at least. All I have to show for it is like, nine Diamonds. It's just so off the roof with it. I hope the chances of getting Diamond in Ore get higher soon. I never liked the crafting, but as soon as the roar died down and getting reagents was easier i've come to like it. If they don't fix it i'll just go back to having parties in my house.

Cassandra WillowWhisper-Ice- Level 50
Cassandra DeathWhisper-Death-Level 23

Jun 23, 2009
i got 3 diamonds from the cave of solitude ores in just 1 go, its not THAT hard. at least its easier than black pearls

Aug 07, 2009
Otys wrote:
i got 3 diamonds from the cave of solitude ores in just 1 go, its not THAT hard. at least its easier than black pearls

I have been thru that cave innumerable times and not one diamond in the ore!!! It is just plain sadistic tendencies for them to set these so high a number!!!

Aug 18, 2009
My suggestion: diamond quest.

A one time only quest, in lest say four parts on for (oops too much time trying to talk in the game, i meant FOUR) different worlds, that gives you 15 diamonds at each stage.

You will still have to find the last 15 yourself. I have been grabbing every ore and buying all i can at the bazaar for the last week and only have 12.

The programmers won't have to change the rarity of diamonds and crafters can get what we need to work on our skill.

Feb 22, 2009
You guys coplain way to muh so i had 5 days in ds.i found lets count um 100 ore 55 diamonds and then i just found this hot place in the athneum. it behind the building.but ok black pearls way diffrent story.ok lets see my whole life in ms 55 days including i went there to for regeants ok so i got maybe arouns 761 black lotuses and 1 black pearls!!!!!!!!!!!!!! reagents are about luck here us luck rate for the rare stuff.

ms=black lotus=20
ms=black perl=5
ds diamond=10
wc=blood moss=1

Aug 02, 2009
Evilicious wrote:
Yeah this is pretty frustrating. I have been to every realm and found quite a bit of ore, BUT, no diamonds whatsoever. Guess maybe by next year I will have the rings made. If i'm lucky.

I am in the same boat as you and I agree totally.....need to amke diamonds more available....