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Crafting Table

Feb 03, 2010
I have recently sent all my stuff in my dorm to my attic, including my crafting table. I have looked through my attic and backpack but i cant find it to craft. Please tell me what i can do to continue crafting. :?

Sep 11, 2010
Sounds like you may have exceeded the storage limits of your backback or your attic and thetabl found its way into your bank.

IF ... you actually put the Basic Crafting Table in your attic, you must move it to your backpack and then place it in your dorm room before you can enable the interaction screen yielding the type "X" to craft option once you are close enough to the table.

I say IF because ...

The backpack carries 80 items, ... IF you "pick up all" there is a chance you overloaded your backpack and items 81 and above went into your Bank ... if so, open your bank, move the table to your backpack, place the table in the room, and resume crafting.

I have often wondered what happens when you pick up something and your backpack AND your bank is full ...

hope it helps.

May 26, 2009
A+ Student
Jan 05, 2009
You can buy all the crating stations in the game at the housing vendors (starting in MS I believe for those tables beyond the basic). You can always usually find in the bazaar.