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aguave transmute spell

Sep 29, 2008
whats the purpose of it if we don't have access to buying it yet since its for the next rank crafter i been collecting aguave left and right and only have one nectar from it and i cant transmute any to do the quest cause i need the rank the quest gives in order to even buy it if that's planned that way its mid evil.

Aug 14, 2012
i am in the same boat as you so hard to get the nectar i need to be able transmute it now not after i finish the quest

Mar 14, 2009
Same here! I don't see the point of this, like why would we need agave nectar but to get it the transmute is transcendent crafter only? It makes no sense, and I think Kingsisle should change it. Does anybody know another why to get agave nectar? Would appreciate it, thanks!

Sophia Lifeblade

Aug 14, 2012
i finally got all the agave nectar i had to pick up about a hundred agave leaves to get the five nectar that i needed. it just takes a lot of luck.

Mark IronHead

Aug 21, 2009
Well, the point in having the Agave Nectar Transmute be a Transcendent Crafter only is that the Gear requires Agave Nectar. You only need 5 Agave Nectar. Don't be lazy, just keep harvesting Agave Leaves until you get it. I already finished my Quest and have plenty of Agave Nectar left.