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Why do the Crustaceans have two power?

Feb 28, 2011
I am getting so frustration with the "Defeat Crustacean Clawcutter and collect clues"...have tried 6 times to defeat them and lost my life each time on the 5th round...They start out with two power pips which I find unfair...They always throw their spells first I never get to...and I can't even get a shield up to protect me because even though they are storm...they never fizzle...They are not even the big guys and I am so frustrated!
I should be able to defeat a crab under 1,000 life by myself...I have never had such a problem before so what is up with this if anyone can give me a clue I would appreciate it...I already defeated some other crustaceans no problems..

Grandmaster Level 50 Pyromancer
Health 2143 Mana 240
Pips 66%
critical 49 fire resitance 18% fire 14%ice 14%storm

I need help... Thanks