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What gives KI

Dec 26, 2008
Look I've been a dedicated wizard for a couple years and I know KI is doing great things for us gamers, but some of the common monsters ( not Bosses mind you ) have so many critical shots allowed during quests that it is just getting ridiculous. I just don't think that I have to use crowns for potions to battle normal quests, and speaking of which I feel are a complete ripoff, I bought the vengeance potion and with the clothing I wore, I had a critical rating of 160 in fire but yet I only received 2 critical shots in the hour of the potion. I've always been a solo player and team up for most large bosses or when asked by other wizards, but I prefer to do quests alone, please don't make it so one sided that I have to ask for help during the times I enjoy to play this game alone. I do spend real money to buy into KI, and I enjoy it very much, it's just lately I feel some of the money spent here has been wasted, and in this economy nobody likes to waste money