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Celestia ending battle is too hard

May 21, 2010
First off, I am a kid and I can play the game just fine. I have even soloed Azteca. Just because I am a kid doesn't mean I can't do things adults can't. I don't have a lot of time but I still manage to do this. Don't complain if a kid younger than 13 has beat I solo. Nothing is impossible. Btw I don't have crowns so I can't use henchmen.

Blaze Fireflame lvl 90

Jul 10, 2013
Cole Dunerunner wrote:
I will help you because i am a lvl 77 balance wizard, but dont stop playing, just get friends to hel you
Can you please help me celestia is to hard and i'm not that low of a level and i have been doing all the quest and bosses alone because no one wants to help me lol... i'm a level 52 pyromancer i have no idea if i'm close to the end or not but i need help been stuck for like 3 days now in a simple quest :(

Jun 16, 2011
lewski on Aug 25, 2012 wrote:
Good gear, spells, friends with those, and a strategy is really helpful. I have soloed that whole dungeon with my lvl 72 - now lvl 73 - Pyromancer, and done it with the help of a lvl 29 Diviner when my Pyromancer was about the lvl 70.

James GoldHorn,
Lvl 72 Pyromancer
Lvl 45 Necromancer
Lvl 11 Theurgist
Lvl 8 Conjurer
Lvl 7 Diviner
Lvl 6 Thaumaturge
stick to one wizard and you can do so muc more