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2 permanent solutions for low lvls in cl

Apr 18, 2010
cameron225 wrote:
i actually think these are good ideas, but honestly could it be for all worlds, not just celestia, it happens all ovr the spiral. Also alot of ppl would care if the low levels all left, wether its because KI did option #2 and high level ppl want to bring in a low level to save themselves ( i personally dont like that but someone did) or if they are friends. So really, maybe it would be good, maybe not.

i was joking about bringing them in. i not that selfish. it is a good idea trust me.

Apr 18, 2010
kirsten121314 wrote:
I don't really mind low levels in Celestia. I found that even higher level people will join a fight and flee. Which truly annoys me. Low level players are messing up the game for themselves by doing things they aren't ready for and not playing the game the way it should be played. I think they miss out on the whole point of the game by going to worlds out of order. But that is on them. I know it is annoying when people join a fight, bring in another enemy and flee. That is my biggest pet peeve and I never do that. But low levels and higher levels both do it. It is a lack of common courtesy, period. I know they can't fight as strongly as we can and I agree you shouldn't heal a lower level in a fight that he shouldn't be in. After all, these are our quests not theirs and we should be the ones we heal.
We were all lower levels at one time and I don't recall ever going to a world I was not ready for UNLESS a higher level asked for my help, which they did and then I went right back to where I was suppose to be. But that is because I played the game the right way and did not try to level up on the back of the higher levels. What is the fun in that?
The solution for the people who don't appreciate lower levels in Celestia are just to live and let live. It is a part of the game we can't control. Don't heal them. If they flee, do your best to recover and if you don't, try again. Remember, they are not really ruining your game (making it more challenging maybe), they are ruinung their own game. They will never appreciate getting to Level 60 (if they even get that far) at all by playing the game the way they are. Only the dedicated and true players of Wizard101 get to Grandmaster and then Legendary. It is no easy task and it takes time and patience. Good luck to everyone in the game and remember being rude and calling eachother names in the game is not what this game is for. If someone is annoying you - just get away from them as soon as you can by going to another realm, etc. I am an adult player and have enjoyed playing Wizard101 - my son plays and is a level 17 - I would hate for someone to be mean to him on this game (he has only been to Celestia with me to look and then he went right back to where he is suppose to be - he is smart enough to know that there is no way he can fight those enemies.). So, remember the person you are calling names to is probably most likely a kid and kids will be kids and not as mature as we would like them to be. Happy Wizarding!!

in wc i wanted to teach THEM a lesson so i would go into a fight then flee so they no how hard it is to fight like 3 enemies alone.

Dec 20, 2009
I am a legendary wizard and I was a helpful lower level. I went and helped when I was asked to and received help back in turn. That is how this game works. Lower level wizards can be helpful. I couldn't find four high level people to help me with Malistaire's Lair. (It was hard getting them all together at the same time.) So, I had one other leveled up player and two level 30 somethings help me and we made it out with no problems. I thanked both of them and was so glad they helped me and will help them anytime they need it. I am not saying all lower levels are helpful but not all higher levels are either.