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Xibalba - when challenging becomes abusive

Jul 03, 2010
DarkstormsZ on Sep 5, 2013 wrote:
Xibalba should be more of a challenge, with 4 wizards it is not that bad. Soloing it is nearly
impossible though. For those having a hard time finding friends, you can always check the commons there are always friendly people there. And by the time you are promethaen you should have a good amount of friends, if not a full list. Which means there will almost always be some one to help you, (keep in mind there are people that need to finish this dungeon to) especially if they don't have their gear they wanted. So for those soloing next time take a friend rather than making unessecary complaints on this website. KI has enough on their minds, so dont trouble them with these rediculous reasons to change a dungeon (dungeons are supposed to be hard by the way [btw]).
Thank You
Thanks, young wizard, will be sure to put all your helpful suggestions on my bucket list. You thought of things I never thought of before. Find friends, fill list, get them to help me with difficult instances. Since I have been playing the game for a while you would think I would of gotten that accomplished by now, too bad most of the wizards I friend don't turn out the way yours do and I have pretty much given up on that but you never know I could get a luck change.

Just realize some of us don't have access to the best of the best in this game and are still entitled to voice our opinion. I think it's fair to say that a fair amount of the wizard population has had problems completing AZ in a timely, organized and enjoyable fashion? Maybe just me? Also realize that those of us who don't have the best gear, pets, play the best don't get the best playing wizards as Friends, they don't want to drag an anchor along. We are the Spirals misfits, we boot strap our way though the Spiral with out a care or clue - we just play the game. We get our fun out of taking and completing quests.

The more you realize the vast array of players in this game the better you will be able to understand their thoughts also. No "one size fits all" is going on here.

Mary StarGem