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moon spells in azteca

Jan 02, 2009
i reached 88 a few days ago on my storm, i was told we were supposed to receive a moon spell quest once i reached it but cannot find who will give it to me, i previously beat all the astral spell quests in zf and from pacal redmask yet am not receiving this one, i am barely past Alto Alto and was wondering if i am missing something like a side quest i must to? Thanks


After you have completed the "Midnight Sun" quest in Zafaria, talk to Pacal Redmask in Azteca. He will start you on the quest "King of Fang and Claw" to find Tezcat Threestar in Cenote and return him to Zocalo. Tezcat will then offer you quests for the Astral spells and you must return to him to advance to the next quest.

Moon School
Must be minimum level 88
Must have completed "Turn Up the Sun" in Azteca
Must have completed "In My Eyes" in Azteca