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utility spells are utility spells not attack

Feb 29, 2012
as said in the title they are utility spells not attacks spells i really dont understand why detontate shift and dimension shift cost so many pips i personally dont understand i see no harm in less pips for shift and dimension shift. detonate doesnt do any extra damage it just speeds up a damage over time so i do not understand why its so many pips. I think dimension shift should be 4 pips shift 2 pip and detonate 3 pips. i understand why gaurdian spirit is so many pips it brings the dead to life but how ever you have no pips blade trap or shields so i think it should be 4 pips now that it heals less. since back draft is a trap it can be lost easier then a supercharge since any one can use it and it is a very valuable trap i think it should give a slightly bigger boost slightly i dont want that trap over powered. and this is something that still confuses me cool down compared to mass triage. i understand cool down works for more then one damage over time as to mass triage just one but in avalon you wont see a lot of damage over time spells on one side and in pvp it really only takes one damage over time at a time to destroy someone so i dont understand why cool down is like that mass triage is better by a lot so may i ask for a different ice utility spell or in the future and over powered ice spell? may i ask that bad juju is one hundred damage less five hundred seems kinda painful. all this stuff are just thoughts only true ones i want fixed are shift dimension shift and detonate and cool down.