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Gardening in avalon

Jan 22, 2011
Gardening in avalon
Anybody knows where the gardener in Avalon is?Professor Greyrose please reply because even on test realm you:didn't say the location of the gardener,just showed us the spells and just a little detail about second spring and etc. i really wanna know since on test i got as drop too new gardening plants really cool and wanna use them with the new spells.

Re: Gardening in avalon
From the Update Notes:

You must complete the quest "Sumner's Tale" in Caliburn AND "Between Two Shrubs" in Dun Dara before Roger the Shrubber will appear.

Jan 03, 2011
Re: Gardening in avalon
Also he appears in abbey road. After i finished the quests i looked around for him for in Caliburn for quite a while...

Anyone knows why i can't by new spells? I am level 80, rank 10 gardener and i have more than enough money but i can't buy the first spell the avalon gardener offers. I went to the one in celestia as well and i can't buy those either...

Sep 12, 2009
Re: Gardening in avalon
I have 3 wizards that have completed Avalon and are level 80. I have gotten the Shrub quest on only one of them, though. Is there something I'm missing? Do I need to be a level 10 gardener for it to show up?

Confuzzled here.