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Crafted Gear

May 30, 2010
Well I am an Ice wizard, and have been using the WW gear for a while. I heard the crafting gear for ice is good for ice in Avalon. But I have no idea where the gear is nor what its called. So I would just like to know :p Rings, Amulets and Athames included. ( Currently using Lexicon/Aureate )
Also my stats are:
52% Damage with ice, 18% universal, 6% from pet
44% Global resistance, 10% from pet
9% global accuracy
102 Ice critical rating, 22 global
102 global block rating
2% piercing
67% power pips
30%/15% Healing
Anything that tops this? Thanks in advance.

Feb 12, 2011
Wow, your stats are not that bad - and get ready to loose that damage if you go to AV gear. I have an lvl 80 ice with crafted gear - while she resists 80 to fire and 76 to storm, her uni resist is somewhere around 37. My damage reaches 40 only when she uses a pet with both pain and ice giver. The upside is, you will gain critical and more crit block. Sorry I haven't been more specific - I don't have access to the game to look at my specific gear. Below is a link to the crafting vendors in AV.