Sleigh all day!

The Reindeer Sleigh Bundle, Yuletide Party Mega Bundle, and Holiday Decorating Mega Bundle are now available in the Crown Shop!

The Reindeer Sleigh Bundle includes:

  • Reindeer Sleigh Mount
  • Mega Snack Pack

The Holiday Decorating Mega Bundle includes:

  • Yuletide Sleigh
  • Grand Snow Globe x2
  • Sparkle Globe x2
  • Winterdeep Hot Pool
  • Frosty Yuletree
  • Festive Yuletree
  • And More!

The Yuletide Party Mega Bundle includes:

  • Formal Dance Floor
  • Yuletide Buffet Table x2
  • Music Player
  • Pile O Presents
  • Snow Globe
  • Festive Yuletree
  • Sparkle Globe
  • And More!

Take advantage while you can!

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