Introducing the

Wyvern's Hoard

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Cruise around Wizard City on your new Wyvern mount as he shoots fireworks out his mouth! This Wyvern's Hoard pack is full of items to outfit your Wizard and Castle - including brand new gear, cool plants, the new teleporters and of course a rare chance at the Wyvern itself!


A Home & Garden game card pack
with a rare chance at a Wyvern mount and new gear!

The Wyvern Hoard's Pack contains a lot of home & garden items for your Wizard house - including cool plants and a chance at the brand new housing teleporters! On top of all the great housing items, Wizards have a chance at the Epic Wyvern mount that comes in several different color variations. Some colors are rarer than others!

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Some of the Great Wyvern's Hoard Items

  • Festive Wyvern Mount in 5 Different Colors
  • One set of gear that specializes in Healing
  • One set of gear that specializes in PvP
  • One set of gear that specializes in Gardening & Pet Training
  • Housing Teleporters
  • Plants for your Garden
  • Housing Items

With these new Wyvern Hoard gear sets, you can customize your Wizard's hat, robes, shoes and wand for different aspects of the game. If you enjoy PvP more than Gardening, you can collect the perfect gear that's right for your Wizard!


Each Wyvern's Hoard Pack has a chance to win a Housing Teleporter!

Like to garden in your Marleybone house but throw parties in your Sultan's Palace? Now you can quickly hop from one of your houses to another on the same character without unequipping and reequipping the different houses!

  • Teleporters have an entrance and an exit. When you first place a Teleporter through your Decorating Panel, you are marking its exit. Then you will be prompted to place the Teleporter down so it can become the entrance.
  • You can place the entrance and exit in the same home.
  • You can also place the exit in one home, and the Teleporter in another home, but that character must own both homes, because to do this, you must place the exit, unequip the current house, equip the other house and recall to it to place the Teleporter.
  • You cannot place the exit or the Teleporter in someone else's home.
  • You cannot place the exit or the Teleporter in an area that is not a house or dorm owned by your character.
  • You can place the Teleporter in the Shared Bank.

So let's see what kind of fun you can have with Teleporters. Make mazes and puzzles for your friends! Host parties that span several houses at once! Get creative!

Wyvern's Hoard Game Card Packs are available in the Wizard101 Crown Shop! Buy some Crowns and then check out the pack in the Crown Shop to get all the great housing items, special gear, and Wyvern mount!