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[Khrysalis Part One]

Khrysalis Part 2

Flush with victory over the restoration of Bastion and the defeat of Morganthe's forces in Fort Rachias, you stand on the edge of Crescent Beach, faced with the uncrossable Starfall Sea and whatever dark horrors lie beyond. Merle Ambrose and your new-found ally, Zaltanna the MirrorMask, warn that the way will only grow more dangerous henceforth, as Morganthe is well aware of your presence.

You must navigate Maelstrom of the Starfall Sea, the strange city of the Mantises, and the brutal Kondha Desert, in order to find two great relics to Astral magic. In the process, you may learn something of the distant past and the great forces that keep the Spiral turning.

Fierce Mantis Hunters, savage Barbarian Mice, violent Scorpion Warriors, and sinister Arachna Magi all stand in your way. Finally, you need to traverse the Spider's Hive to have any hope of reaching Morganthe in her Shadow Palace before the end game. Meanwhile, Morganthe does not wait idly, but instead she listens to the Lords of Night sing the Song of Creation, and struggles to master it to send her shadow stretching out to swallow everything in the Spiral.

The Game World of Khrysalis Part 2