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Starts from the release of the dungeon till February 4th @ 11:59pm CST. We will review entries and announce the winners on February 8th! Who will become World's First?!

We’ve never done something like this before, but it’s about time we did!

Wizards, get your wands and gear ready! Who will be the World's FIRST to complete the Nightmare dungeon and earn the Bad Dream Reaver badge?! Gather your team, make your way through the dungeon, best the new mechanics, and let’s see who can complete the dungeon to win the ultimate prize!


The Nightmare Dungeon will originally be released in Challenge Mode with a Standard Mode soon after. So be prepared for a challenge! (Keep in mind, this is a competition... You DO NOT need to participate! However, if you do, you may reap the rewards!)


To officially prove you’ve finished the dungeon, use #Wizard101 and #WorldsFirstNightmare on social media (Twitter or Facebook) with screenshots of you and your squad finishing the dungeon. (Screenshot either the 'Victory' pop-up or you with the "Bad Dream Reaver" badge once you complete the dungeon)


  • No cheating.
  • Have fun, and good luck competitors!


World's First Prizes:

  • One entire set of Dream Reaver gear, your school's choice
  • Outback Rover Mount
  • 10,000 Crowns

Second Place Prizes (Randomly chosen):

  • Outback Rover Mount
  • 5,000 Crowns

World's First Winners: Almond's Team!


Second Winners: Hermick's Team (Randomly chosen)



Q: I don’t know what the dungeon is like?

A: That’s the point, everyone is going to have to learn the new mechanics. (You got this!)

Q: How are we rewarding winners the prizes?

A: We’ll reach out to the individual who posted with #Wizard101 and #WorldsFirstNightmare.

Q: What if I don’t want to participate?

A: This is completely optional! We expect people to struggle in the beginning, but if you can take the heat, you may be the World’s First to complete the Nightmare dungeon!

Q: Can I use third party tools and engines to win?

A: No, of course not. ANY cheating of any kind will disqualify you and may even result in sanctions on your account.

Good luck, Wizards!

  • We’re rated E 10 and up for Crude Humor and Mild Fantasy Violence
  • We won the Massively Award for Best of the Decade

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