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What a Dream (Part 2) by Artur Thunderhammer

Everything was picturesque, every colour every light. Everything. Outside was a busy babble of wizards. People practicing spells. People riding on panthers, dragons, brooms. It was awesome. But everyone let off this aura that meant “I’m better than you.” I walked down the stone stairs that were in front of me when I left the office. I sat down beside the wall outside and began to read the book. As I did, I noticed there were other people sitting there as well who had similar clothes as me.

“You new 6-wand?” said the one closest to me.

“Yeah, but what’s a 6-wand?”

“6-wand is a person who just been summoned. Most people wait forever to get chosen, so good for you. I can tell you’re new, you just came out of the headmasters office. Name’s Austin ThunderHammer. Call me Austin. You?”

“Err, my name is Arnie.”

“That’s it?”

“I’m not from here.”

“Ah, you must be pretty skilled to be chosen from a foreign world.”

“I don’t know magic”


“I don’t know magic I said a bit louder.” The six-wand turned to the person beside him and whispered something.

“Umm, are you sure you didn’t just…BREAK IN TO THE HEADMASTER’S OFFICE?”


“Hey, hey, keep it down. We’re trying to make battle plans over here six-wands” said a wizard dressed in Japanese samurai armour on a Chinese dragon.


The people the Chinese dragon rider was talking to and the Chinese dragon rider all looked to me and stayed there.

“WAIT, you’re telling me that troll-face right there, DOESN’T KNOW MAGIC?!”

“Yes.” I said a bit loudly, nervous to the point of breaking.

“All right, let’s give him a chance to show that he's not totally clueless,” said the dragon rider.

I opened my spell book to the spells section and chose the Fire Cat.

I muttered the words and a circle of fire slowly grew in front of me and I yelped. Loudly. Then, four lines of fire formed and converged on a single point. Then the line crashed and there was an explosion of fire in the centre. Then a bird with fire embers falling of it was born from the explosion and it began flying around, spewing fire from its beak and lighting grass on fire.

“ROUGE SUN BIRD, RANK 8 AND ABOVE, INTERVENE,” yelled the dragon rider. When he yelled that, several people wearing armour and cloaks came running. The other wizards ran away. They all began muttering things and suddenly monsters appeared, not the size of the monster I summoned, no, MASSIVE ones. There was a giant ice statue holding a sword running after the bird, brandishing the sword like a pro in its hand. While the other wizards completed their chants. A wizard with an electricity symbol or something, finished his chant and a cloud appeared, splashing down torrents of water, which then came out a giant lizard. It reached to the thunder cloud while the rain was still coming. The other wizards climbed up the stairs to the old man’s office and I followed in suit while the lizard amassed a thunder bolt in its hand, finally throwing it at my bird. The bird exploded in to flames while the rank 8 wizards looked at me in disbelief.

“Six-wand” said the dragon rider.


“Where’d you learn to do that?”

“I don’t know.”

“That was a rank 3 spell.”

“I’m rank 1 though.”

“Yeah, that’s the thing, some very rare six-wands can pull off a 2 before the monster shrivels up and dies.”

“Isn’t that something.” I said almost bored.

“Ok, you may be placid about this, but that was nearly impossible. You don’t know magic, you are a six-wand and you pulled off a rank 3.”

“Okay, I’ll go ask the teachers in Ravenwood about it.”

“Good, go tell Albert over there who summoned the Kraken to summon another one to take you there.”

I marched over to Albert and told him what he needed to know.

Time to go meet the teachers.

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