Wake up, sleepy head! It’s time for a new limited time event: the Weekend Warrior Crowns Reward Weekend! Now through Sunday, April 12th, the more Crowns you spend in-game, the more BONUS rewards you get. Think of these as free gifts with whatever you purchase!

Check out some of the exclusive rewards you can earn only through this event:

  • Weekend Warrior Cap
  • Weekend Warrior Robe
  • Weekend Warrior Slippers
  • Weekend Warrior Banner
  • Sun Skimmer Mount (+55% speed boost!)

You can also unlock these cool rewards as you progress through the event:

  • Spring Teleport Effect
  • Additional Character Slot Elixir*
  • Hoard and Lore Packs
  • Member Benefit Elixirs
  • Housing Items
  • And More!

Best of all, ALL Crowns purchases including zone purchases, energy refills, and stitching count towards your reward progress!

To participate, see the full list of rewards, track your Crowns spend progress, and visit the Crown Shop in-game. Remember, this event is only here through Sunday, April 12th!

Each of these items can be obtained only once per account. Only some of these items are also currently available as individual purchases in the Crown Shop.

Buy Crowns

* * Players who have already purchased the Additional Character Slot Elixir and unlock the tier with the Additional Character Slot reward in this event will receive an 8th character slot. Players who have not already purchased the Additional Character Slot Elixir will unlock a 7th character slot and will be unable to purchase any further Additional Character Slot Elixirs from the Crown Shop.

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