Beware the loch monsters!

Ferocious mounts! Super fashionable pets! A bounty of new gear! All this and more await you in the all new Unforgiven Dead Pack.

Here are just some of the amazing items you have a chance to receive in the Unforgiven Dead Pack:

  • 3 Loch Monster Mounts
  • 3 Scotty Dog Pets
  • 7 Highlands Gear Sets
  • Exclusive Peat Reagents
  • And Much More!

Peat, Fortified Peat, and Enriched Peat are special reagents that you can use to craft the permanent Unforgiven Dead Gauntlet housing item.

Don't want to collect the reagents to craft the gauntlet item? You can purchase a bundle with the permanent Unforgiven Dead Gauntlet Housing Item and a trove of 7,500 Crowns exclusively at

Learn more about the Unforgiven Dead Gauntlet here!