It's the Brand New
Trolling Stone Pet!

Never before seen! Amazing creativity from KingsIsle

No, this is not the Pet Rock. This is absolutely not the Pet Rock.
Available for 4 Days Only!

You can find this awesome, amazing, astonishing, awe-inspiring Pet Rock Trolling Stone pet in the Crown Shop! You have to hurry though, he's a limited time offer pet and will only be available until Monday, April 2nd at 11:59pm US Central Time.

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What Wizards are Saying about
the BRAND NEW Trolling Stone Pet!

"This is probably the most awesome pet ever created. I can't believe how completely different he is from the Pet Rock! I've actually re-named my real life dog Trolling Stone because I love this pet so much." - Natalie WildPants

"The oh so different from the Pet Rock pet made me change my ideals and question things I have come to know. I am a new person. Thank you Wizard101!" - Lauren SparkleWeaver

"Hey - does anybody realize this looks just like the Pet Rock with disguise glasses on? I LOVE THE TROLLING STONE!" - William SilverDreamer

Go Get the Trolling Stone - He's in the Crown Shop Now!