Have some fun in the sun!

Summer is here, and that means all your scorching seasonal favorites are back in the Crown Shop, along with some new summer items and bundles, for a limited time! Plus, the Basking in the Sun Shark is back in the Spiral’s waters once more!

New Summer Item!

  • *NEW* Interactive Inflatable Pool Housing Item

New Summer Bundles!

The new Recreational Swimwear bundle includes:

  • *NEW* Recreational Hat
  • *NEW* Recreational Swimsuit
  • *NEW* Recreational Shoes

The new Recreational Swimwear bundle includes:

  • *NEW* Recreational Swimwear Gear
  • *NEW* Inflatable Pool Housing Item
  • Inflatable Beach Ball
  • 2 Folding Beach Chair Housing Items
  • Wicker Side Table Housing Item
  • Coconut Drink Housing Item
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Returning Summer Items!

  • Bumbershoot Mount
  • Golden Sun Pet
  • Evil Sandman Pet
  • The Sun! Housing Item
  • Rain Cloud Housing Item
  • Kite Housing Item
  • Wizard City Beach Towel Housing Item
  • Beach Umbrella Housing Item
  • Tiki Torch Housing Item
  • Sandcrab Castle Housing Item
  • Beached Longboard Housing Item
  • Kiddie Pool Housing Item
  • Regular Keeper Beach Multi-Tank
  • Summer Monstrodome

Simmering Summer will last through Tuesday, September 20th!

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