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Story of Your Wizard101 Mount

Destiny Windgem tells the story of her Panther!
As a young kitten, I was abandoned in the streets of Marleybone. My current owner had just went to digmoore station and saw me there, curled up in a little black ball of fur. She took me in and raised me big and strong,because she had to leave her home too and didn't want me to suffer. She is very nice to me, and I try to pay her back by carrying her anywhere she wants. I am glad she found me, if she didn't, who knows where i would be now?

Andrew Greenrider tells the story of his Triceratops!
While I was in Azteca, I came to meet a group of villagers in Three Points. There was a triceratops the size of a bus roaring behind the building that they were in front of. One villager was controlling him with a whip, and there was a sign that said a certain amount of crowns. I suddenly had the urge to buy him, while my new friend was being tortured by heartless souls of villagers. I bought him, named him Trip, and we still venture to each new place, while Morganthe is still on the loose.

Evan Soulwhisper tells the story of his Charity Meowmodon!
One day while I was talking a nice stroll around Mooshu, I heard a strange sound. It wasn't a Ninja Pig, or a Cow, or anything I had ever heard before! I turn toward the bushes and see two glowing blue eyes. I was so scared I ran for my life! After running across the road I turned back to see that a beautiful tiger was standing behind me. This white and black beast stood majestically against the bright sunlight. It purred when I touched it and we instantly became the best of friends.

Justin Strongwraith tells the story of his Slowpoke Sloth!
I always walk through Wizard City. One day I saw a nice boy named Justin, so I asked him to be my rider and he said no. He said show me you want to be my mount, so I said how. He said go to the other side of the river in 20 seconds. I was running and I saw a 2 person mount it picked me up and took me to the finish line. I said to Justin that he would now have to ride me and he did. Now I live in Mushu,Marleybone,and Wizard City. Justin and I are now best friends. I am always happy too. The End.

Emily OwlFinder tells the story of her Gold Wyvern!
On the day that I hatched, invaders attacked my den. They took the other dragon hatchlings from the downy branches while my mother was asleep, but as I had been hidden under her wing, they did not see me. When my mother woke up, she raged and blamed me for not protecting my denmates and left me to die. That was when my current owner found me. She took me home with her and cared for me until I was ready to fly, but I didn't want to leave, so this is where I stayed-by her side, loyal for eternity.

Noah Earthblood tells the story of his Bengal Tiger!
i am a bengal tiger, i eat, sleep, eat somemore, and give people rides. i have seen son many creatures throughout the spiral that my master has rode me to, but i miss him when he is away and in pvp matches. most of the time when i see him after a match he is pretty banged up and all, but i think i help by giving him a ride. i wish he was here now, i am so lonely.

Taylor Swift tells the story of her Scare-O-Dactyl!
As I was waling along the streets of MarleyBone i noticed My Tooth Fairy Gave Me One Of The Scare-O-Dactyl! As i was stuned I almost gotten in to a battle o: so before i quickly gotten off and typed the code off in fact I actually the Prehistoric Bundle! as i redeemed my card i gotten back on wizard101 to check the mount on...................... It was AWESOME!

Seth Shadowcloud tells the story of his Malorian Dragon!
While exploring the frost-torn area of wintertusk I all of a sudden heard a cry of pain. I didn't know who was crying out, but I knew that I needed to help save them from their pain. I followed the voice of the cry, which started to get louder & louder. I eventually found the being that was crying out; a malorian dragon being attacked by frost bones. After I confronted & defeated the skeletons, I dressed its wounds & it licked me. since then we've been together, looking out for one another.

Nathaniel Goldencoin tells the story of his Rickshaw Mount!
I am Nathaniel Goldencoin's mount, the rickshaw mount. I like to drive my master around the shopping district, where I can look at all the neat stuff in the windows while he shops for new wands and pets! I often wait at the edge of the battlefield while waiting for him to finish battling creatures, and then he stores his goodies in my magical compartments that he charmed to be big on the inside! when he is away, I like to go around his house, looking at his rare, krokotopian artifacts he owns!

Alura DragonRider tells the story of her Phoenix!
I was born high up in the mountains that had fire that burned within them. I was a rare bird, born with the unique ability to set myself on fire. I lived in the mountains with my mother and she taught me to be kind to birds, and wizards. One day, a group of wizards came to my mountain. I was scared at first, but then i saw a face of a kind girl with ice blue eyes and hair. She smiled at me and picked me up. We both knew then that we were going to be friends, And i made a promise to protect her.

Benjamin Darkflame tells the story of his Cloud Wyvern!
Was in Dragonspyre looking over the old ruins of the shatter buildings when suddenly I saw something in the dark sky high in the red clouds. It was a white speck, was wondering what it was until the speck was herling down towrds the ground. Then, just like that it crashes into a building, when I went to go see what it was, it climb out of the rouble limping out. It was amazing to see a Cloud Wyvern in Dragonspyre, but the dragon why injured, I decided to care of the dragon

Tara Soulblade tells the story of her White Stag!
As I was in the forest hunting because, I'm an archer I quickly saw something white moving through the bushes. I thought for a second and thought it was a white rabbit, but then I saw it was huge! I chased and chased it until the white mysterious creature stopped and checked if I was there, luckily it thought I was gone. I hid behind a tree and stared, it was a White Stag! I took careful aim, then I couldn't do it it was to beautiful. The White Stag saw me and trusted me, from now on I ride her.

Kyle FrostBreeze tells the story of his Swift Shark!
My mount was a normal shark who was taken by ones with arms and legs. Trying to gain companionship they used dark magic to try to make it grow limbs but instead gave it the ability to swim on land. Seeing his greedy brothers he fled to me where he agreed to take me and fight the evil that seeks to do trouble so no other creatures could be subjected to his pain.

Grace Silverdust tells the story of her Royal Lioness!
One day, a while ago, a wizard took great interest in me. I was hoping to finally be rode, and on my birthday, my wish came true. A young wizard named Grace Silverdust claimed me as her own. It was the happiest day of my life. I could run like the wind, traveling from world to world, and I could meet new people and other mounts like me. My best friend is a royal lion, and is owned by Laura Dawndreamer. Together, me and my best bud run our owners through the spiral. What an awesome life!

Marcus Summercrafter tells the story of his Malorian Dragon!
Ever since that long awaited day, October, 2011, this big guy has burdened the weight of me, and my friends (And strangers alike!). He's directly at my side after the heat of battle, or somehow, cradled into my backpack for when I enter "No fly zone" areas. Whenever he is in my backpack, I imagine he was stuffed into a microcosm-in-a-pack, such as Narnia. A beat of his wings reminds me of the praise he deserves, and the deed he's done for providing me with unlimited transportation.

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