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Wizard101 on Steam FAQ

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Account Information

Can I use my current KingsIsle account on Steam?

You cannot use your current KingsIsle account on Steam or link it to your Steam account. That means that you won’t be able to access the Crowns, Characters, and Membership purchases of any account not created through Steam. If you load the game from the Wizard101 launcher, not through Steam, you can still log in to any accounts created through the KingsIsle website.

How do I play Wizard101 on Steam?

To play Wizard101 on Steam, you will need to Install the Wizard101 Launcher from Steam and follow the steps to create an account through the Steam launcher. Players not using Steam still create their accounts on the Wizard101 website.

Can I make a family of accounts through Steam?

You can make a family of accounts through Steam. One thing to note: the families can’t be a mixture of Steam users and non-Steam users. That means you can’t add a Wizard101 account created through Steam to an existing family of accounts created through the Wizard101 website.

Will the Steam version replace the version I already have installed?

Installing the game through Steam places the installation in a specific Steam location that’s separate from where the current version of Wizard101 is installed. You can have both versions installed on your computer at the same time and they won’t overwrite one another.

Why am I not able to get Wizard101 on Steam in my region?

Wizard101 on Steam is currently not available in some regions where Gameforge has the exclusive right to publish the game subject to a licensing agreement with KingsIsle. Gameforge has expressed an interest in making Wizard101 on Steam available in those regions, and we are hopeful that the game will be available there in the future.

Please visit Gameforge's Wizard101 Website and click the "Select Country" drop-down option at the top of the page to review which languages the game currently supports. Exploring these pages will help you to get the game in those regions.

Purchasing/Steam Wallet

While you get instant Free Access to most of the first world and other exciting content in the game, you can also Earn Crowns to progress through the rest of the game by participating in fun trivia quizzes, daily quests, inviting friends, and more. Want to explore the worlds even faster? Learn about additional Crowns and Membership options.

How do I get a Membership through Steam?

Memberships can only be purchased with the Steam Wallet for KingsIsle accounts created through Steam. Steam has an enforced limit of 1 active membership per Steam Wallet per game. For each Steam Wallet, you can purchase one Wizard101 membership and one Pirate101 membership. If you wish to purchase a second membership from the same Steam Wallet, you’ll need to purchase it as a non-renewing gift certificate. See gift certificate question below.

How does making purchases like buying Crowns work through Steam?

Wizard101 players registered through the Steam Wizard101 client can only make purchases using their Steam Wallet. You cannot purchase using your Credit Card or PayPal even if you log on to the KingsIsle website directly.

What is the refund process like?

For Steam players, refunds cannot be initiated from the Steam website. They must contact KingsIsle’s Customer Support. Even though refunds are handled through KingsIsle and not Steam, the refund will be reflected in your Steam Wallet balance.

Steam Features

Will there be unique achievements?

At this time, there will be no Wizard101 Steam achievements.

Will there be Steam forums?

Yes, we will have Steam forums for our Wizard101 Steam community. Steam players are welcome to participate on our existing forums as well.

Where do I go for Support?

The primary place to go for support is the KingsIsle Help and Support hub. For issues relating specifically to the Steam Wallet or the Steam Hardware, go to Steam Support.


Will I be able to quest with players who are using a KingsIsle account?

All players use the same servers, using the same data, so all wizards will play together no matter what type of account they are using. If an existing player makes a new Wizard101 account on Steam, they can befriend and play with the same people from their prior adventures in the Spiral. Existing players using non-Steam KingsIsle accounts can play with new Steam users and show them around.

Can I still use Prepaid Cards on my Wizard101 account created on Steam?

Steam users will enjoy the same access to Prepaid Cards as non-Steam accounts. That means you can redeem any of our Prepaid Cards and get the exclusive pets, pet jewels, and bundle items.

Are Steam users eligible for the “Invite-a-Friend” promotion?

Steam users can still be the initiator as well as recipient of KI’s “Invite-A-Friend” promotion. To learn more about the Invite-a-Friend promo, click here.

Will Pirate101 also be on Steam?

We are not making Pirate101 available on Steam at this time. Follow Facebook and Twitter for future updates. Steam players can use their Steam Wallet to buy Pirate101 Memberships even though Pirate101 as a game is not yet supported on Steam. Download the Pirate101 game client from the Pirate101 website.

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