Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with New Items!

Feeling lucky? We’re celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with brand new items, returning items, and a discount on select green and gold items! Don’t forget to also pay a visit to Pat O’ Gold in the Shopping District and catch the ShamRockfish while you can.

New Items!

  • Shamrocks Teleport Effect
  • 3 Rainbow Housing Items
  • 3 Pot o’ Gold Housing Items
  • 3 Rainbow Bridge Housing Items
  • 2 Clover Pot Housing Items
  • Lucky Horseshoes Housing Item
  • Clover Patch Housing Item
  • Giant Clover Housing Item
  • Leprechaun Statue Housing Item
  • Snakes Statue Housing Item

Returning Items!

  • Spirit of the Forest Pet
  • Malorian Dragon Mount
  • Snake in a Basket Pet
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex Mount
  • Tanglewood Vine Mount

Discounted Green and Gold Items!

  • Lifedactyl Pet
  • Golden Ram Pet
  • Treant Mount
  • Dual Dragonflyer Mount
  • Moolinda's Green Thumb Pack
  • Life Mastery Amulet
  • And much more!
Buy Crowns

Hurry, these St. Patrick’s Day items will leave the Crown Shop on Sunday, April 5th. Get your green on, Wizards!