Welcome Back Your Seasonal Favorites!

Spring is in the air, and we’re ready to ring it in!

Eggbert has returned to the Shopping District with his usual festive goodies. In addition to the numerous spring-themed fish populating the waters once more, your favorite seasonal items will be making their way back to the Crown Shop over the next few weeks! Keep checking back here to see which spring items are currently available.

Now Back in the Crown Shop!

  • Spring Flower Mount
  • Pet Egg
  • Bunny Costume
  • Spring Globe Housing Item
  • Spring Multi-Tank
  • Shadow Egg
  • Ice Egg
  • Life Egg
  • Moon Egg
  • Myth Egg
  • Star Egg
  • Storm Egg
  • Sun Egg
  • Fire Egg
  • Death Egg
  • Balance Egg
  • Fluffy Bunny Plush Doll
  • Springing Chicken
  • Bunny Mallow
  • Prismatic Hare (PERM)
  • Small Bunny Pot
  • Medium Bunny Pot
  • Small Bunny Planter
  • Balance Bird House
  • Myth Bird House
  • Storm Bird House
  • Fire Bird House
  • Ice Bird House
  • Life Bird House
  • Death Bird House
  • Harmonious Baaterfly Pet
  • Dreamy Baaterfly Pet
  • Energetic Baaterfly Pet
  • Bee Water Pail
  • Blue Water Pail
  • Eggie Wheel Barrow
  • Kite
  • The Sun
  • Rain Cloud
  • Caerbannog Rabbit Mount
  • Butterfly Swarm Mount
  • Spring Chicken Pet

Check them out today, but hop to it! These springtime items will only be available through April 18th!

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